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I first heard of Trifecta when browsing around the web, looking for ready to eat meal delivery services. It wasn’t one that stood out to me immediately but after hearing some of the positive feedback about it, I thought I would give it a try and review Trifecta. Keep reading to see my detailed experience with Trifecta.

Menu Selection
Ease of Meal Prep
Shipping and Delivery
Subscription Options
Customer Service


From the start, I knew Trifecta is a different kind of meal delivery service. From the moment I landed on the website, I knew the focus was more on weight loss and dieting than anything else. This service is definitely for people who are focused on fitness, working out, and weight loss.

Their website front page boasts that this food is not meant as a diet but for people who are looking to achieve their best shape through fitness and proper nutrition. Another thing I noticed is that, unlike Freshly and Factor, Trifecta meal plans also include coaching from their staff on nutritional experts. This seems like a worthy perk for those looking for that extra guidance.

I will add that you do pay for what you get. Trifecta is a little more expensive than your traditional meal delivery service. However, with that extra cost you get meals that are more targeted at your goals and the extra coaching that might help you stay on track.

I decided to give Trifecta a try so let’s dive into my Trifecta review.

The Best of Trifecta
Ready to eat meals – no cooking required
Macro balanced recipes
Organic and fresh
Several meals plans to choose from
Coaching from nutritional experts
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The Worst of Trifecta
No single person plans
Not easy to find Keto, Vegetarian, etc menu options

Trifecta’s menu is a little more hidden than other sites I have reviewed in the past. However, in this section, I will try to give you a little preview of what you can expect when choosing a meal plan from Trifecta.


When signing up for a plan, Trifecta advertises that they have over 25 unique chef meals with new ones rotating weekly.

Trifecta does give you a small preview of some of the meals they have available. Some of the ones that stuck out to me are:

Keto Mediterranean Salmon – high on protein, low on carbs

Keto Mediteranean Salmon - Trifecta Review

Kung Pao Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potato and Brown Rice – who doesn’t love some kung pao chicken, and the sweet potato definitely made me want to try this one

Kung Pao Chicken - Trifecta Review

Zucchini and Bell Pepper Frittata – I was not expecting to see a veggie frittata on the menu but that sounds delicious

Zucchini and Bell Pepper Frittata - Trifecta Review

Dietary Choices

Unlike Fresh and Easy or Factor, you don’t get to select exactly which meals are delivered weekly. However, you do get to pick a meal plan that aligns with your goals. From there, Trifecta picks which meals you will receive on a weekly basis.

The meal plans they have available are:

  •  Clean Eating – simple meals with proteins, organic vegetables, and whole grains
  • Whole30 Approved – meals with whole30 compatible ingredients, portion controlled, and nutritionally balanced
  • Paleo – dairy-free and grain free meals with grass-fed protein and organic vegetables
  • Keto – meals with low carbs, healthy fats, and quality proteins
  • Vegan – meals with organic ingredients and plant-based proteins
  • Vegetarian – meals with plant protein, organic vegetables, and healthy carbs

If you are not sure which plan fits you, Trifecta provides a quiz you can take that asks about your goals, eating habits, and much more. The results will help you decide which of their plans is for you.

One of the cons I listed earlier is that Trifecta does not allow you to select which meals you get. It’s all going to be based on the plan that you choose. You do get to select two preferences each week of what you want to receive. In addition to this, you also have the option to select a few ingredients you want to exclude from your meals. Here are some of the options of what you can exclude:

Macros and Ingredients

The thing that sets Trifecta apart from other meal delivery services is their attention to balanced macros and organic, high quality ingredients. Their website says they use only locally sourced ingredients from organic-first farmers. They also advertise that their menu changes weekly to utilize only the freshest ingredients their farmers have.

Moreover, all of their meals do not have preservatives, artificial , processed or refined ingredients. This was something that I have not seen on many other meal services. Most of the other meal deliver services advertise fresh ingredients but they do not go to the level of freshness and quality that Trifecta does.

Here is a comparison of services and how Trifecta differentiates themselves :




Sun Basket

Organic Ingredients




Grass Fed




Nutrition Trained Chefs




Fresh Prepared Meals




Nationwide Shipping




Since you can’t see which meals you will be getting beforehand, you can’t dive into each meals macros like most other services. However, each meal plan does have an average macros that Trifecta allows you to see.

Below is a breakdown of each of those averages based on the meal plan you choose:






Clean Eating































Unboxing can be on the most fun parts about getting something delivered to you. That feeling you get when something arrives at your doorstep is exciting and is even more so when it is food that is delivered.

One of the biggest questions I get about ready to eat meal delivery services like this is about sustainability of their meal boxes. After all, services like this use a lot of packaging and thus creates a lot of waste.

Trifecta was one of those services that I am happy to report takes their sustainability very seriously. In my Freshly review , I stated how I was a little disappointed with their packaging. That is not the case here.

My delivery box came in a recyclable box lined with recyclable Climacell insulation. There were two ice packs in there with plastic wrapping.

Each meal came in a simple, biodegradable white tray with a sticker in the front with the title of the dish and the macros included, as well as a best by date. On the back listed were the full nutritional facts and heating instructions.

Overall, the packaging seemed nice, clean, and sustainable.

Meal Prep – The Trifecta Way

Unlike services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, Trifecta delivers ready to eat meals that all you have to do is heat up and enjoy.

On the back of each meal are the heating instructions. The most common thing I found is that microwaving a meal takes about 2-3 minutes so it’s rather easy and quick to go from refrigerator to plate.

However, unlike Freshly who also offer ready to eat meals, I also found heating instructions for a skillet, air fryer, and oven. I have done the oven method before with the Factor meal service so I wanted to try something new with Trifecta. I went the skillet route and fired up my skillet. I heated up the rice, veggies, and meat separately on low-heat. It took just about 4 minutes per ingredient to heat everything up.

Ultimately, if you have the time, I would recommend the skillet or oven method of heating up over the microwave because the food just tastes better.

Shipping and Delivery

When it comes to shipping and delivery, I like to base my review in terms of the flexibility of being able to schedule my deliveries. Here is where Trifecta disappointed me a little.
Like most other meal delivery services, Trifecta has a shipping fee of $9.99 to anywhere in the continental United States. They do ship to Alaska and Hawaii but you will be looking to pay $49.99 which does not seem cost effective.

The cost is comparable to all the other services I have tried so no big surprise here.

I was disappointed to find out that they only ship on Fridays though. Typically, I like to get my meals delivered on Sunday and Monday so they are ready to go to work with me on Monday. That way they don’t spend the entire weekend in the fridge waiting for me. Overall, this is a small complaint I have about Trifecta and depending on your preferences, might not even be an inconvenience for you. Just keep in mind that you will be getting your deliveries on Fridays.

Like most of their competitors, Trifecta does have the option to skip deliveries for a certain weeks if you are going out of town or have other meal plans that week. They also offer the ability to schedule deliveries every other week, once every three weeks, or even once a month.

Subscription Options

The subscription options for Trifecta are a little confusing the cost depends on which meal plan you choose and how many meals per week you want. You can also pick if you want your meals to be breakfast, lunch or dinner recipes. It was not clear to me what is the difference between these options and I only had the opportunity to try the lunches.

The starting cost for 7 entrees per week is $110.99 for the Clean Eating, Whole30, Paleo, and Keto plans. The cost for the Vegan and Vegetarian plans is a little lower at $99.99 for 7 entrees. The cost stays the same whether you choose Lunch or Dinner recipes.

Here is a breakdown of some other options you are able to choose from (meals with meat are the Clean Eating, Whole30, Paleo, and Keto plans; meals without meat are the Vegetarian and Vegan plans):


7 Entrees

10 Entrees

14 Entrees

Meals with meat




Meals without meat




You also have the option to add breakfasts to any of the meal plans you choose from above. Here is the cost breakdown with breakfasts added.


7 entrees, 7 breakfasts

10 entrees, 5 breakfasts

14 entrees, 7 breakfasts

Meals with meat




Meals without meat




One thing I was confused about is that you don’t get to choose how many breakfasts come with each plan and I didn’t understand why the 7 entrée plan came with 7 breakfasts but the 10 entrée plan had only 5. I am assuming that the 10 entrée plan is aimed at couples but if so, that means one person is going to have to go without breakfasts.

Overall, the subscription options aren’t the best that I have seen and can get a little confusing. However, if your plans are pretty straightforward, you shouldn’t have a problem picking one that’s right for you.

The price is a lot higher than I have seen from other services but that is because the meals are tailored to your specific diet and goals. If you are someone that wants to take your nutrition seriously, I can see the price tag being something that is worth it.

Trifecta Customer Service

Trifecta offers a robust customer service with phone, chat, and email support. On top of support about billing, orders, and other inquires, they have Nutrition Coaches who are standing by and ready to answer your questions.

I reviewed a similar service called Factor. However, Factor only included one consultation with a nutrition coach. With Trifecta, there does not seem to be a limit how often you can engaged one of these nutrition coaches to ask them more specific questions about your diet, meals, and exercise.

I think this aspect of customer service is what sets Trifecta above the others. However, with this level of support does come a higher price tag for the meals you receive.

And The Verdict – Trifecta has a niche and knows it well

Trifecta has a lot of pros and cons. On the one hand, you get quick nutritious meals that are aimed at getting you to your weight or fitness goals. The ingredients are top tier, everything from the packaging to the grass-fed meat is sustainable, and there are nutrition coaches standing by to help you along.

On the other hand, if you like being able to choose what meals you want to eat on a weekly basis, this may not be the service for you. The meals are on the expensive side with an average cost of over $15 so for people on a budget, this may not be an option for you.

Overall, Trifecta isn’t for everyone but it doesn’t try to be either. They focus on fitness-oriented people or ones who are seeking to start losing weight who want to eat healthy and clean. If that describes you, Trifecta is worth giving it a shot. I enjoyed the meals I received and would highly recommend it to people who fit one of those two categories above.

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